San Jacinto

 Special Statement  Statement as of 7:23 PM CST on March 5, 2015

... Freezing temperatures possible over much of southeast Texas

Clear skies... a dry air mass and decreasing winds will set the
stage for very cold temperatures by Friday morning. Temperatures
will fall rather quickly just after sunset and then continue to
slowly fall through the night. Areas north of a Brenham to Trinity
line will fall below freezing by 1 am and not warm above freezing
until 9 am Friday morning. Further south... temperatures will fall
below freezing after 2 am and warm above freezing between 8 and 9 am
Friday morning.

Temperatures are expected to fall to between 27 and 29 degrees
over the north and 29 to 32 degrees over the south by morning.
There will be pockets of colder temperatures in isolated

College Station has recorded 24 days this winter with temperatures
at or below freezing. Further south... the city of Houston has
recorded 10 days with temperatures at or below 32 degrees and
Galveston has only recorded 1 day with temperatures below
freezing. The last freeze to affect a large part of southeast
Texas occurred on February 26th.

Plants and trees have started to green up a bit so protect plants
that are sensitive to the cold by covering them or bringing the
plants indoors.

Warmer temperatures are expected for Saturday morning but there
could still be a light freeze from Conroe to Livingston to

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